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Letter from the president: Jacques Glénat


Welcome to EDITIONS GLENAT Foreign Rights department!


As the leading independent comics and graphic novels publisher in France, we have been offering a wide range of exciting titles for your markets since 1969.


We create more than 300 new comic book titles per year, and our catalogue holds over 10 000 titles. From historical sagas, to science fiction series, for young readers or more sophisticated audience, we offer a wide spectrum.


We also publish a large range of illustrated and text books (about 200 a year). Our main editorial themes are mountains, the sea, gastronomy, travel, lifestyle, nature and fashion under our different imprints ELLE, ELLE A TABLE, ATLAS, GLENAT, CHASSE-MAREE. All our books are made with care and our main goal is to offer our readers both knowledge and pleasure.


It is always a great pleasure for our teams to meet you during our international shows, fairs and gatherings!


This website will enable you to get access to the rights contacts and browse through our foreign rights catalogues.


We look forward to meeting you on our GLENAT booth at the Bologna Bookfair, the London Bookfair, Frankfurt, and Paris …!


Truly Yours,


Jacques GLENAT