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Tailor made books

Any outstanding setting, monument and museum can be the source for a great story!


EDITIONS GLENAT’s expertise in creating unique comic and illustrated books is a perfect way to bring places and historical characters to life! The artistry of our professional writers and illustrators can transform the landmark or the institution you represent into the protagonist of an entertaining and/or educational adventure.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you would love to receive information on how we can make this possible for you.


Please see below what we have been working on.



Palace of Versailles titles

EDITIONS GLENAT are engaged with the Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) for the creation of a complete range of comic books.


The Palace, the symbol of France’s architectural and political splendor, is visited every year by 7.5 million tourists from all over the world.


Le Crépuscule du Roi

(The King's Sunset)


L'Ombre de la Reine

(The Queen's Shadow)


Le Sacrifice du Fou

(The Sacrifice of the Fool)



Titles made with the French Centre for National Monuments


EDITIONS GLENAT and the French Ministry of Culture's Center for National Monuments (CMN - Centre des Monuments Nationaux) have joined their competences in order to offer to all publics a comic book series which brings together knowledge of the heritage and the fictional, playful side of comics.



Coeur de pierre
(Heart of Stone)


La conjuration de Cluny

(Cluny's Conspiracy)


Le Tombeau des dieux ennemis

(The Tomb of the Enemy Gods)



Collaboration with the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Arts et Métiers)


Through the comic book format, EDITIONS GLENAT have started a new collaboration with the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Musée des Arts ét Métiers). Its collection counts a few real treasures, such as Vaucanson’s automates, Clément Ader’s airplane or Focault’s pendulum. The famous pendulum has been the subject of a first comic book, rich with great illustrations and a specifically written story.


This project is expected to be extended to the 7 themed universes of the Conservatory’s museum.


Le pendule de Foucault
(The Foucault's Pendulum)