TV & Film Rights

EDITIONS GLENAT holds worldwide audiovisual rights of most of its list. We cover a great variety of “genres” which appeals to a broad audience. Plenty of great stories and characters perfect for films and TV series.

Over a dozen of our children series have been adapted as TV Animated series and some graphic novels have been turned into films. Most notably, Glenat is the original publisher of the graphic novel “Blue is the Warmest color” which was adapted as a feature film that won the 2013 Palme d’Or in Cannes.

We currently have twenty properties in development with production companies and film studios all around the world in Europe, the US and China for instance.

Find a selection of titles available in our Audiovisuel Catalogue and do not hesitate to get in touch for us to help you browse through our immense backlist of over 8,000 titles.

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