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An unprecedented artistic experience bringing together more than 110 artists!

DUO is a collaborative project of international scope, initiated over 10 years ago by Gérald Guerlais and Sébastien Mesnard, both illustrators. For more than ten years, two real notebooks have welcomed in their pages the collaborations of 110 artists, from Paris to London, and from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Among them, we find great names but also less known emerging artists. They come from illustration, comics, and animation, and have combined their talents to go beyond the distinctions of genres and media and offer you these duos gathered, for the first time, in a unique book and presented in a bilingual version.

To be published on October 5, 2022.


The genesis

Over a period of ten years, always depending on our own and our generous contributors’ availability, we shared two sketchbooks with talented artists from France, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Korea, Canada and the US. 

We invited them to take part in various projects, in several fields : youth literature, the press, videogames, comic strips, animated films and graphic communication. 

We followed our own affinities, often striking an instant rapport and sometimes adopting the prescriptions of these new contributors. 

The two sketchbooks were passed on directly from artist to artist or via trusted assistants (cf. Acknowledgements).  

Another major point was our insistence on the virtue of sharing. The aesthetic result of this long voyage is pregnant with a great diversity of styles and techniques, with infinite variations in the art of shared composition, with unbridled, fantastic, enchanted, dreamlike, provocative, poetical, playful or facetious imagination. 

You may identify the style of some well-known artists, who were humble enough to share, not only their pages, but also their renown with lesser-known colleagues. 

Some pairs have blended their art so well that no one could tell who did what. Others have simulated duels, staging brotherly rivalry or genuine complicity. New friendships sprang up, old ones were confirmed, love affairs occurred, ephemeral or not. 

You know some names, or, at least, their world and characters. Others may not ring a bell, yet in the anonymity of famous animation studios or major brands, they contribute daily to major works and leave their mark on the collective cultural subconscious.

In purchasing this volume, you support the Épic foundation, for the benefit of which these committed artists have generously renounced their royalties. We do hope you have as much pleasure discovering the talents of these associated imaginations as we had gathered them to celebrate the virtues of shared experience.

Gérald Guerlais and Sébastien Mesnard


The book DUO


Interview of Gérald Guerlais and Sébastien Mesnard


Interview of Cy


Interview of Frédéric Pillot
& Juanjo Guarnido


Interview of Julien Delval


Interview of Céline Gobinet
& Éric Gosselet


Interview of Caroline Rocagel
& Clémence Monnet


The Epic foundation

You may go faster if you walk alone, but travelling together will take you farther.

Solidarity and togetherness are the driving forces behind this fabulous, ambitious project led by Gérald Guerlais and Sébastien Mesnard.

This album is, above all, a civic undertaking : renowned artists, all reputed in their different fields of activity, accepting to devote their time and talent to the common good. I find their commitment and generosity particularly touching.

This book is, after all, the vivid expression of a vision we all cherish : that of greater solidarity by sharing an artistic experience more widely. Whoever we may be, entrepreneurs, artists or readers, we are, all of us, citizens who yearn for a fairer and more durable society.

This is the daily fight of the members of Epic, striving to promote more social justice by bringing assistance to people living in underprivileged areas in France, by protecting destitute mothers living in the slums of Bombay, or by giving some teenagers in the United States, the means to take care of their mental health.

Since we created Epic, some eight years ago, we have helped change the lives of millions of youngsters all over the world. We share this will to build a world where each child, each youngster, whatever his/her birthplace, whatever his/her social origins, whatever his/her sexual leaning, whatever his/her gender and skin colour, can hope for a future full of opportunity. Since the worst inequality is the one you do not choose.

In purchasing this magnificent volume, dear reader, you will help us in our fight and I am grateful to you. Heartfelt thanks to Gérald, Sébastien and all the talented artists, for accepting to include Epic in their project. Every gesture counts and yours counts a lot. 

I take my hat off to you, dear artists !

Alexandre Mars
Fondateur de la fondation Epic


The auction

More info to come soon